'Home Sweet Home' Oval Embroidery Hoop Artwork

Home Sweet Home! A pretty handmade embroidery hoop wall art.

This handmade oval artwork features lettering appliqued in classic Liberty print fabric and makes a great housewarming gift. The 'Home Sweet Home' text combines appliqued fabric lettering with freehand machine embroidery giving a contemporary handmade feel.

Embroidery hoops are easy to display on walls or on surfaces like shelves and mantelpieces, making them really versatile gift.

There are 3 different Liberty print fabric colour options available:
Blue/Green (Liberty print: Betsy D Turquoise)
Yellow/Orange (Liberty print:Poppy & Daisy print)
Pinks (Liberty print: Danjo Tana Lawn)

The letters are cut from beautiful, vibrant fabric and appliquéd onto a white cotton backing fabric. The fabrics are sewn using freehand machine embroidery which gives a distinctive style of outline to the design. Framed in an oval wooden embroidery hoop for a contemporary twist.

Each hoop is finished with a layer of backing fabric securely fixed into the frame. They arrive ready to be hung and can be arranged however you choose to suit your space and your style!

The oval hoop is 20cm x 30cm

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