Fondant Fancy Set of Three Embroidery Canvases

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This handmade cake art celebrates afternoon tea and that little bit of what you fancy...

A fun trio, this fondant fancy textile art is a great gift for cake lovers and aspiring star bakers.

Each textile canvas features a different colour of fondant fancy, and in combination they spell out the phrase: 'A little bit of what you fancy...' And we all know it does us good!

The fondant fancies sit prettily in on a doily in their crisp, white cases. It's enough to make your mouth water.

Perfect for the kitchen or dining room, and sure to bring some pretty colour to any space.

These traditional teatime treats are cut from beautiful, vibrant fabrics chosen for their colour, pattern and texture and then appliquéd onto a natural calico backing fabric.

The fabrics are sewn using freehand machine embroidery which gives a distinctive style of outline to the designs. Finished with hand sewn button embellishments the final creations are stretched over box canvas for a contemporary twist.

Each canvas is finished with a layer of wadding and a co-ordinating, colourful backing fabric all fixed permanently onto the box canvas frame. They arrive ready to be hung and can be arranged however you choose to suit your space and your style!

Each design is handmade so will vary slightly from the image shown; freehand embroidery is an art not a science so no two will be exactly the same!

15cm x 15cm.

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