Framed Set of Three Russian Dolls

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We are family! A bright and quirky handmade textile artwork featuring a trio of Russain Dolls.

A great gift for fans of traditional Russian Dolls!

The framed wall art features three sizes of dolls and each has a different colour combination, using a range of textures and pattern to give a modern twist to the traditional image of a Russian doll. Character is added to each doll with details added to their faces, a cheeky smile and rosy cheeks bring the dolls to life! The 'We are Family' text along the bottom really sums up the theme of the design. ans of traditional Russian dolls!

The Russian dolls are cut from beautiful fabrics chosen for their colour, pattern and texture and then appliquéd onto a natural calico backing fabric. The fabrics are sewn using freehand machine embroidery which gives distinctive style of outline to the designs. The text is also sewn freehand giving it a modern yet handwritten style. The finished picture is mounted and framed in an oak wooden frame with acrylic glazing; ready to hang and admire!

Each picture is handmade so will vary slightly from the image shown; freehand embroidery is an art not a science so no two pictures will be exactly the same!

Size: 45cm x 35cm

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