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Where to start, well I am the Rachel in Rachel & George a designer based in the North East of England and a love of all things pretty, bright and colourful led me to create a range of handmade artworks with designs inspired by home. From afternoon tea, to childhood toys, inspiring words to thoughtful gifts my handmade embroidery hoop and canvas artworks are all based on some of my favourite things!

Like a fabric magpie, I started with collecting - attracted by vibrant colours and exciting patterns and a keen interest in all things textile! Having experimented with various techniques I happened upon the amazing world of freestyle machine embroidery and rediscovered my trusty sewing machine. It is a really satisfying process, building up images and shapes in pieces of fabric which come alive with the stitching process and addition of haberdashery finds.

So if you are looking for something handmade, something a bit different and something full of colour and character then please feel free to browse I am sure we have just the gift you are looking for, whether for family and friends or something to brighten up your home!

... and the George in Rachel & George well let's just say he is more a silent partner, a very furry silent partner! He really looks after the napping and mouse chasing side of the business!

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