My Word of the Year Framed Cream

Your inspiring word of the year stitched in beautiful fabrics mounted in a white frame. A beautiful way to display a word that inspires you and a thoughtful gift for someone who needs a reminder!

Choosing a word for the year has become so popular and this framed artwork is great way to create a lasting memory of your word to inspire everyday! Words can be so powerful and this artwork celebrates mindful word for the year choices with large and bold text using beautiful combinations of contemporary patterned fabrics with metallic and black type.

Different fabrics options are available for this product with 5 choices of base fabric. You can choose your own word to be stitched onto the patterned fabric and you can choose whether you would like the word in black or gold.

You can add a favourite quote, inspiring phase or mantra to the back plus the year and word as a reminder of your motivation! 

made from:
The fabrics are sewn using freehand machine embroidery which gives a distinctive style of outline to the design. Framed in a white wooden frame, unglazed to show off the texture of the fabrics.

30cm x 15cm
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