Set of Three Teatime Embroidery Hoops

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A piece of vintage-style embroidery hoop artwork that celebrates the very important tradition of tea and cake!

This set of three embroidery hoops makes a great gift for tea lovers, and features the phrase 'Always time for tea and cake'.

One hoop has the teapot, one has the teacup, and the third hoop has the cake - the perfect trio!

These tempting treats are cut from beautiful, vibrant fabrics chosen for their colour, pattern and texture and then appliquéd onto a natural calico backing fabric.

The fabrics are sewn using freehand machine embroidery which gives a distinctive style of outline to the design. Finished with hand sewn button embellishments the final creations are framed in wooden embroidery hoops for a contemporary twist.

Each hoop is finished with a layer of wadding and a co-ordinating, colourful backing fabric; all securely fixed into the frame. They arrive ready to be hung and can be arranged however you choose to suit your space and your style!

The large hoop is 21cm (8”) diameter, the middle hoop is 18cm (7”) and the smallest is 13cm (5”).

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